Analyst predicted dollar and euro exchange rates for July 10:32

In July, the price of the dollar will rise to 90-92 rubles and the price of the euro to 97-99 rubles. This forecast was given to by BCS Forex analyst Anatoly Trifonov.
According to him, the ruble currently maintains its strong position due to the restrictive effect of secondary sanctions on Russian imports.

“However, we predict that this factor will gradually disappear due to political efforts and Russian importers’ search for new supply channels. “In addition, the Central Bank’s foreign exchange sales in July will likely decrease as part of the redirection of domestic investments to the detriment of the National Welfare Fund,” he said.

He announced that the Ministry of Finance did not actively use the fund funds in the first five months of 2024. Trifonov also predicted that there would be an increase in foreign currency demand during the holiday season.

According to the Moscow Stock Exchange, at 10:22 Moscow time on June 11, the cost of the dollar is 89.03 rubles and the euro is 95.69 rubles. Compared with the closing level on June 10, the price of the American currency increased by 48 kopecks, and the price of the European currency increased by 4 kopecks.

On June 7, the Central Bank kept the annual base interest rate at 16 percent for the fourth consecutive time. How will this decision affect the ruble exchange rate? material “Newspapers.Ru”.

Formerly investment strategist appreciated The reaction of the ruble exchange rate to the decision of the Central Bank.

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Source: Gazeta


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