The Ministry of Energy explained large-scale spending plans from the National Welfare Fund in 2024 13:49

The Russian government plans to allocate more than 1 trillion rubles from the National Welfare Fund in 2024 to finance various infrastructure projects. The publication writes about this “Vedomosti” Referring to the statement of First Deputy Head of the Ministry of Economic Development Ilya Torosov.

The largest recipients of funds will be the Russian gas chemical complex in Ust-Luga (392 billion rubles) and the aviation industry development program (284 billion). Also expected are serious injections into the leasing of aircraft and watercraft (more than 100 billion rubles), the construction of the M-12 Kazan-Ekaterinburg highway (77 billion) and housing and communal services projects (30 billion). An allocation of $300 billion is being discussed for the first phase of the construction of the Moscow-St.Petersburg high speed railway.

The Ministry of Economic Development proposes to increase the legal limit on investments from the National Welfare Fund from 4.2 trillion to 6 trillion rubles due to the improved forecast of its liquid part. As of June 1, the volume of the National Welfare Fund reached 12.7 trillion rubles, and its liquid funds amounted to 5 trillion rubles.

It was known what federal roads existed before that. will build In 2024.

Putin before said About the growth of the Russian economy.

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Source: Gazeta


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