Economist calculated the average salary of Russians until 2030 12:38

By 2030, the average salary of Russians will reach 140 thousand rubles. This scenario is foreseen if it grows at the same rate as the minimum wage, registered In conversation with NSN economist Denis Raksha.

Let us remember that before President Vladimir Putin reportedIt is stated that the indexation of the minimum wage, which should be at least 35 thousand rubles by 2030, will depend on the general wage increase in the economy. He said that by 2025, the minimum wage will reach 48 percent of the average salary.

The expert explained that with this minimum wage the average salary will be 70 thousand rubles, which means that half of all salaries will be lower, and half will be higher than this figure. As for the average salary, according to him, it will increase significantly in the country from what it is today 80 thousand rubles.

“If at this rate [зарплата] “In almost the same dynamic as the minimum wage, it will grow roughly twice, then it will be 140 thousand in 2030,” the economist explained. “Even by today’s standards, that’s not crazy money.”

Raksha noted that the minimum wage is established every year and the authorities are trying to increase this indicator at a rate above the inflation rate. He concluded that this is how the state fights poverty.

Rosstat before stated About the growth of wages in Russia.

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Source: Gazeta


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