The Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation proposed increasing payments for housing repair in case of emergency 02:08

The Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation proposed increasing repair payments in case of emergency to 10 thousand for every 1 square meter. m. damaged housing. The relevant draft government decision, draft regulatory acts and reports are published on the portal TASS.

Payments are now made at the rate of 18 square meters. m per person

“Changes are envisaged to increase the cost of major repairs of 1 square meter. The document states that the total area of ​​​​damaged residential buildings amounts to an amount not exceeding 10 thousand rubles.

Payments will be made via a new method, regardless of whether other suitable housing is available for victims.

Before that, the Ministry of Emergencies supplied Draft decision on doubling lump sum payments and benefits for emergency victims. The relevant instruction was given by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The increased payments will also go to residents of the Orenburg, Kurgan and Tyumen regions, which suffered from this year’s worst floods.

Previously SberSigorta mercenary More than 180 million rubles to residents of flooded areas.

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Source: Gazeta


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