Sberbank announced record corporate loan issuance 18:33

Sber’s corporate loan portfolio increased by 1.5% to RUB 23.8 trillion during the month. This was stated by Alexander Vedyakhin, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sberbank, referring to RAS data for April 2024.

According to him, the bank made a record issuance in May compared to the beginning of the year. He emphasized that Sber expects a stable growth in its loan portfolio, the detailed figure of which will be announced as part of the announcement of the RAS on June 11.

Vedyakhin announced that the portfolio has grown by 2.0% since the beginning of this year. Positive trends were recorded in the activities of corporate customers in March. According to him, Sber issues the majority of loans in the second half of the year, so this trend can be considered seasonal.

“As we have sufficient capital, we have the opportunity to provide loans to large projects and we have become and continue to be the reference bank for customers of small and medium-sized businesses. Our forecast for the corporate credit market for 2024 is 12-15%, and we expect our growth to occur at the sector level, that is, the delay we saw in the first quarter of 2024, in the remaining months of the year. will be compensated,” – First Vice Chairman of Sber’s board of directors.

It is stated that funds from legal entities amount to 12.3 trillion rubles. and grew by 7.7% during the month, primarily due to an increase in fixed term account balances. At the same time, funds from legal entities have increased by 13.2% since the beginning of the year. Here, Sber expects more positive dynamics from the sector.

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Source: Gazeta


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