Sber will launch concessional mortgages in LPR and DPR 09:31

Sber plans to launch a preferential mortgage program in the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics in June. Sberbank’s press service reported this in SPIEF.

“The minimum rate for life and health insurance applications under the Domklik program will be 2%,” the press service said.

As part of the program, it will be possible to purchase finished or under construction housing on the primary market. The maximum loan amount will be 6 million rubles, and the minimum down payment will be 10.1% of the property value.

The other day, Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Kirill Tsarev guess The demand for mortgage loans is expected to increase in June, followed by a decrease, and in August-September the demand is expected to reach normal rates. He believes some government programs will be cut.

Preferential and family mortgage programs are valid in Russia until July 1, 2024. Officials are now discussing options for transforming social assistance programs and canceling some.

Former deputy Milonov offered We offer new advantages to families with many children on holiday.

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Source: Gazeta


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