Rental housing prices increased in holiday destinations in Russia 16:18

The beginning of the holiday season saw a 40 percent increase in short-term rental apartment prices in cities flocked by tourists. writes about this “Russian newspaper” With reference to data in the Restate service.

According to the company, the average daily rental price in Sochi increased by 40% compared to a year ago, reaching 68 thousand rubles. The demand for rental housing increases sharply in the summer months, when Russians go on holiday en masse to the south.

“Resort bookings in 2024 exceeded last year’s level by about 40%,” says Yuri Kuznetsov, founder, owner and CEO of the Russian service

Tourists rent apartments for 39.7 thousand rubles for an average of 8 days. At the same time, rising mortgage rates in 2022 are fueling high demand.

“People were afraid that the cost of credit would increase even more and immediately rushed to buy housing to rent,” explains realtor Svetlana Nikitina. Rental apartment prices subsequently increased by 10-15%.

The most expensive prices are in the central areas of large cities with sea or river views. A 35-meter studio with equipment in Rostov will cost tourists 2.1-2.5 thousand rubles per day. Tenants prefer new buildings: The interiors here are more interesting than in the old building.

In addition to summer demand, student migration also plays a role. Starting in June, applicants begin looking for temporary housing in university towns, pushing up the short-term rental market.

Before that, it was known that there was a preferential housing rental program for Russians. request Expand towards the Arctic.

Former real estate agent saidWhat do owners hide when renting an apartment?

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Source: Gazeta


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