Canada is considering imposing significant taxes on electric vehicles from China 06:03

Canadian authorities may also impose significant taxes on electric vehicles coming from China, following the US. The agency reports that Canadian Press.

The document states that Ottawa is currently considering this issue. Currently, tariffs on imports of Chinese electric vehicles into Canada are 6%. At the same time, Canadians can qualify for a rebate of up to 5,000 Canadian dollars (about $3.7,000) when purchasing any electric car, including Chinese ones, as part of Ottawa’s plans to phase out sales of internal combustion engine cars. Domestic market by 2035

On May 14, the White House press service announced that the United States will reduce tariffs on steel and aluminum (from 0-7.5% to 25%), semiconductors and solar panels (from 25% to 50%), and electric vehicles. announced that it was increasing taxes (from 25% to 100%) on computers and a number of other goods from China.

Portal, which then refers to representatives of the automobile business and logisticians reportedHe said Chinese logistics operators have sharply increased the shipping cost of 40-meter containers to transport cars and auto parts by rail and sea to Russia and Belarus due to the current container shortage and high goods traffic across the border.

Previously USA in the name China shows restraint during military exercises near Taiwan.

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Source: Gazeta


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