At least 2-2.5 million square meters of emergency lighting needs to be replaced every year in Russia 05:22

In Russia, at least 2-2.5 million square meters of dilapidated housing need to be replaced every year, but the program to combat uninhabitable housing has not yet reached balance. This was stated in an interview by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin. RIA News.

“Approximately 2 million square meters of housing are deemed unsafe each year. If this trend continues, another 15-20 million square meters will be added to existing emergency facilities by 2030. We need to start the process of replacing these. “Roughly speaking, if we are building 110 million square meters, at least 2-2.5 million of it needs to replace emergency housing,” he said.

Khusnullin emphasized that the program to solve the urgent housing problem in the country has not yet been fully balanced.

Over the next six years, 330 billion rubles were allocated for these purposes, and the ratio of co-financing between the regions and the federation became 60/40.

It was previously reported that there are more than one million residents of Russia. live in emergency homes.

Before that Khusnullin announced Development of a master plan for the development of Avdeevka. Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that Avdiivka’s master plan will begin to be prepared within a year. The main task for the city right now is to determine the number of people who will stay there through the winter and how to provide services to them.

Previously in Novosibirsk relocated Residents of the cracked house.

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Source: Gazeta


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