Siluanov advocated for more open budget 16:56

Russia plans to return to the usual procedure for budget formation with the full participation of the parliament. This was stated by Anton Siluanov, candidate for Minister of Finance, at a meeting of the State Duma Budget Committee. TASS.

According to him, all tasks set by the president this year that require budget financing will be solved by amending the budget law. This will allow MPs to take an active role in the budget process.

Siluanov noted that the Ministry of Finance now has limited capacity to immediately redistribute spending within the framework of budget implementation without changing the law. However, the Ministry strives for maximum openness and participation of parliamentarians.

The candidate noted that the main program goal of the Ministry of Finance is to find the necessary resources for the full implementation of national development goals and national projects set by the president. Priorities include supporting citizens in need, technological sovereignty, ensuring state security and special military operations.

In the 2024 budget, defense expenditures exceeded social policy expenditures for the first time, reaching 28.3% against 21.5%. 11.5 percent of the expenditures are planned for the country’s economy and 9 percent for security and law enforcement activities.

Before that in Russia said About changes in tax policy.

Formerly in the State Duma announced Public discussion of tax reform.

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Source: Gazeta


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