Economist explains why officials expect the dollar to rise above 100 rubles 04:08

Deputy Director of the Development Center Institute of the Higher School of Economics of the National Research University Valery Mironov in an interview with the agency “Hit the primer” He noted that the pessimistic forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development that the dollar will cost more than 100 rubles by 2026 is justified at this stage.

According to him, the factors affecting the ruble can change their weight and importance over time, and very complex models are used to calculate the exchange rate forecast.

“Their results are predetermined by a combination of prerequisites and complex mathematical calculations included in the model. And we can only believe in this result,” the expert noted.

The expert added that a weak currency is beneficial to the economy, as revenues from exports to the budget increase and imports decrease.

Mironov concluded that the expectations that one dollar will become 100 rubles or more are quite reasonable, but in three years everything can change.

Before that, Ilya Fedorov, chief economist at BCS World of Investments explainedwhy the dollar will no longer be worth 70 rubles.

Euro exchange rate before exceeded 100 rubles.

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Source: Gazeta


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