In Russia, they increased the free transfer limit between their accounts to 30 million rubles 00:22

In Russia, they increased the free transfer limit between their accounts to 30 million rubles 00:22

In Russia, a law came into force on May 1 stipulating that banks cannot charge fees for money transfers up to 30 million rubles. between customer accounts. The news agency reports that RBC.

Before amendments to the federal law “On Banks and Banking Activities”, the customer could make free transfers between his accounts only through the Fast Payment System (FPS) by phone number in an amount not exceeding 100 thousand rubles. Now it will be possible to make free transfers of up to 30 million rubles not only through SBP, but also through mobile applications or your personal account using your account number.

However, the changes will not affect transfers made using card numbers from bank branches.

Sberbank’s press service told the agency that they act in accordance with the law, which makes it easier for customers to transfer money between banks. The organization noted that it has a positive attitude towards the innovation, as it is useful for customers who want to transfer their funds from accounts of third-party banks to Sberbank.

Before that, Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin registeredIt was stated that the law regarding the increase of the limit is aimed at protecting the rights of depositors.

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