Bloomberg learned that the US is considering banning uranium imports from Russia 00:30

American officials are considering the possibility of banning enriched uranium supplies from Russia. The agency wrote about it Bloomberg.

The issue is being reviewed by the National Security Council, the Department of Energy and other bodies of President Joe Biden’s administration. Last December, the House of Representatives approved an initiative to ban imports of uranium produced in Russia or at Russian enterprises by 2040.

Although no decision has been made on the issue yet, sources say the executive branch would prefer to pass the law through Congress. According to the Department of Energy, Russia is the largest supplier of uranium to the United States, providing almost a quarter of the fuel used in the country. In exchange for uranium, Moscow receives approximately $1 billion a year.

Last December, Reuters reported that Russia ranked third in uranium supplies in 2022 (12%), with 27% of supplies coming from Canada and 25% from Kazakhstan. The USA was providing 5% of the uranium for its nuclear power plants.

Previously Russia reinforced In 2023, we will become the world’s main uranium exporter.

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Source: Gazeta


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