Russia is considering building export-oriented ports in some African countries 18:47

Russia is considering the possibility of building ports to export its products to a number of African countries, including Algeria, Egypt, Senegal and Tanzania. This statement was made by Roman Chekushov, director of the international cooperation department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. TASS.

“There are several projects in Africa that need to be implemented in the near future,” a department official said at the international Innoprom fair. Middle Asia”.

According to his information, one of them is to create ports to organize the flow of Russian products. Such a port could be opened in Tanzania, since the Russian Federation is interested in transit entry to Africa from the east, or in Senegal, since the largest cargo traffic from Russia is recorded there.

“In the northern part, two main points are taken into account – Algeria and Egypt”, the material states.

Shortly before that, the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation reported that Russia was taking harsh action. augmented Supply of goods to Africa. Thus, Africa’s share in Russia’s exports doubled by the end of 2023; It increased from 2.5% the previous year to almost 5%.

Putin before statedThat Russia’s relations with Asian and African countries are developing successfully.

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Source: Gazeta


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