The USA believes that new sanctions will not prevent the Russian Federation from selling metals 15:59

New anti-Russian sanctions by the United States and Great Britain will not affect Russian imports of aluminum, copper and nickel and will not prevent the Russian Federation from selling the metal. This was reported by Bloomberg.

According to the agency, the new restrictions on Russian trade in aluminum, copper and nickel were the latest attempt by these countries to limit Russia’s ability to finance a special military operation (SVO).

“This decision is unlikely to prevent Russia from selling its metals,” the article states.

According to the authors of the material, the restrictions do not prohibit individuals and legal entities who are not American citizens from purchasing copper, nickel or aluminum from the Russian Federation.

The publication notes that since 2022, the share of sales of Russian metals in China has increased significantly, as some Western buyers are looking for alternative suppliers.

A day ago American officials introduced Banning the import of aluminum, copper and nickel originating from Russia. Britain joined to these “metal” sanctions.

Previously president of the diamond center filed He resigned due to anti-Russian sanctions.

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Source: Gazeta


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