Deputy Prime Minister explained the situation in the Russian food market 21:05

Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko said that food prices in Russia are now stabilizing RIA News.

“We have stabilized food prices, all the measures taken by the Council of Ministers have worked,” he said.

Abramchenko explained that within the framework of the Government Coordination Center tools and the “event system”, the customs and tariff regulation instrument comes into play when an increase occurs in a region, in a certain sector or in certain groups of goods. is activated.

He exemplified these words with a situation that occurred with eggs at the end of last year. It was later decided that 1.2 billion eggs would be imported duty-free.

Abramchenko also refrained from forecasting the amount of pro-inflationary inflation at the end of this year.

Before that, President of the Russian Consumer Union Petr Shelishch statedHe said that the permission received by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) not to take into account global indicators in determining monopoly high and low prices of goods will not directly apply to consumer goods.

Russians before saidWhen to expect a decline in primary and secondary material prices?

What are you thinking?

Source: Gazeta


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