After the attacks in Ukraine, 80 percent of the production capacity was lost 23:13

Attacks on Ukrainian thermal power plants led to the loss of 80% of production capacity. This was reported by local energy holding DTEK, it writes RIA News.

According to the company, the serious damage to five of the company’s six thermal power plants creates a very difficult situation.

The strikes reportedly lasted from March 22 to March 29. They led to the destruction of a significant part of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

The Russian army has carried out major attacks on the country’s energy and military-industrial complexes, which led to serious consequences in various regions. The head of Ukraine’s national energy company also confirmed that the country’s energy system was subjected to the largest attack in history.

Before that, retired Colonel of the Security Service of Ukraine Oleg Starikov stated He said in an interview that Russia wants to deprive Ukrainian troops of the opportunity to provide strategic reserves by hitting Ukraine’s infrastructure. According to him, the destruction of Ukrainian energy facilities will deprive the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the ability to use trains to send strategic reserves to the front line, thereby leaving the units without reinforcements.

It was previously known in Ukraine in nine months damagedThere are nearly 200 port infrastructure facilities.

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Source: Gazeta


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