Russians warned about increase in cocoa prices 09:19

In the next six months, cocoa prices in stores in Russia will increase by 15-20 percent. This forecast was given to by Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Fundamental Department of Trade Policy at the Russian Economic University. GV Plekhanov Vyacheslav Cheglov comments on the sharp increase in the cost of cocoa beans.

“Despite the uncertainty of the cocoa bean harvest, logistical problems and the sharp increase in futures prices, we should expect an increase in cocoa retail prices slightly above the expected inflation. The economist said that consumers will react calmly to a 15-20 percent increase in retail prices in the mass segment in the next six months.

The price of cocoa in Russian stores is 185 rubles. Per package up to 2 thousand rubles. According to reviews, the price range of cocoa can be between 222 rubles. Up to 2,400 rubs.

On March 23, world cocoa bean prices broke another historical record, exceeding $8,900 per ton. Offers have more than doubled since the beginning of the year.

Before that Cheglov guess 15% increase in chocolate prices in stores in Russia due to the increase in cocoa bean prices.

Previously “” in the name Prices of chocolate products in Russia.

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Source: Gazeta


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