Baltic states block Russian fertilizers humanitarian aid to Africa 01:40

Approximately 150 thousand tons of Russian fertilizers are blocked on the territory of the European Union, especially in Latvia and Estonia, but the sanctions imposed by the EU do not apply to agricultural products. They write about it “News”.

The Uralkali company told the publication that active efforts are underway to organize the charitable distribution of these fertilizers to developing countries through the UN, but the efforts have so far been unsuccessful.

The community of experts believes that the Baltic countries are unlikely to cooperate even for the purpose of humanitarian aid to African countries.

Since 2022 (when the EU imposed sanctions due to the start of a special military operation in Ukraine), about 260 tons of Russian manure have accumulated in the ports of European countries. Since then, approximately 111 thousand tons have been exported, mainly from the Netherlands and Belgium. The rest is in Latvian and Estonian ports. In particular, a single ship called Asian Majesty, which is locked in Riga, contains 55 thousand tons of potassium fertilizer.

“Estonia and Latvia are absolutely indifferent to African interests. They solve a completely understandable problem – they create maximum difficulties for Russia in all areas. “If other countries suffer as a result of these actions, this is collateral damage,” Nikolai Mezhevich, president of the Baltic Studies Association, told Izvestia.

According to the UN, 49.5 million people in West and Central Africa will go hungry in 2024; This figure represents an increase of 4% compared to 2023. The most difficult situation is experienced in countries such as Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger.

Russia on March 20 donated There are thousands of tons of wheat and fertilizer in Zimbabwe.

existed before named The main buyers of Russian fertilizers in the world.

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Source: Gazeta


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