The EU announced the results of Macron’s statement regarding the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine 03:00

French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement about the possibility of sending EU troops to Ukraine threatens to increase capital outflow from Europe. In our conversation with the following person on this subject: TASS A source in Brussels financial circles said this.

“This signals an increased risk of long-term investment in the European economy,” he said.

According to the source, this will contribute to further capital outflow from Europe, especially the US.

26 February Macron accepted Possibility of sending troops from EU countries to Ukraine. He said that the possibility of sending ground forces of EU countries to Ukraine was discussed at a conference in Paris.

NATO Secretary General at the time, Jens Stoltenberg statedIt was stated that the alliance does not plan to send its soldiers to the war zone in Ukraine.

In contrast, the press secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov warnedSending NATO troops to the war zone in Ukraine will lead to a conflict between the alliance and Russia.

Formerly political scientist explained Macron’s desire to send troops to Ukraine.

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Source: Gazeta


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