Experts identified five housing alternatives with higher profitability 02/27/2024, 19:01

In the face of decreasing attractiveness of residential real estate investments, experts recommend considering alternative options that can potentially bring higher income. writes about this RBC.

According to the Metrium company, the return on renting an apartment is 8% per year. This is comparable to the apartment average, with apartments costing 20-25% less.

As the Nikoliers residential real estate department notes, buying apartments at the construction stage and then reselling them can bring a profit of up to 30% due to rising prices.

The NF Group company states that the profitability of commercial buildings in residential complexes is 8-10% per year. This figure is higher than the same figure for apartments.

According to IBC Real Estate, rental rates for office space in premium business centers in Moscow reach 10-11% annually. During the construction of the facility, its cost may increase by 40%.

According to NF Group’s estimates, the return in the warehouse real estate segment is approximately 10% annually. The cost of warehouses has increased by almost 100% in recent years.

Previously in the State Duma in the name developing cooperatives and rental housing instead of concessional mortgages

Previously in Moscow price increased single type of housing.

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Source: Gazeta


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