Uzbek bank introduced new rules for Russian customers 20:08

Ipak Yuli Bank, one of Uzbekistan’s largest banks, sent mass notices to its Russian customers asking them to provide personal identification numbers (PINFL) for individuals. Without this document, your account and card options will be significantly limited. This was reported by RBC.

“We need your PINFL. “Without this, you cannot use banking services,” the text of the letter reads.

A bank support representative explained that the obligation was created in accordance with the instruction of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan dated February 8, 2023. The document entered into force the day after its publication.

According to the instructions, deposit accounts for residents and non-residents must be opened on PINFL basis. According to customers of Ipak Yuli Bank, previously a Russian foreign passport and a local SIM card were enough to open an account. PINFL was not requested.

As a bank representative explained, without PINFL, customers will not be able to make transfers from the account, withdraw cash from their network and use other services. Payments for purchases and card-to-card transfers can still be made.

“Transactions on accounts and cards will be limited unless PINFL is provided,” the bank said.

To receive PINFL, you must be temporarily registered in Uzbekistan. The number registration period is 2-4 business days.

Ipak Yuli Bank ranks 11th in Uzbekistan in terms of asset size. Market share is 3%. In total, there are 35 credit institutions operating in the country.

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Source: Gazeta


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