In Greece, they announced when the EU could agree on the seizure of Russian assets 02:22

European countries may reach an agreement within a few months on the withdrawal of profits from Russian financial assets. This statement was made by Greece’s special envoy to Ukraine, Spyros Lampridis. His words were reflected on the TV channel. France24.

“We will do this. “I think this is a matter of a few months,” he said.

According to the special envoy, the European Commission is currently dealing with the legal and practical implementation of the seizure of assets of the Russian Federation in order to create a fund for the restoration of Ukraine. He also added that the approximate amount of funds to be distributed will be 50-60 billion Euros.

Lampridis also expressed confidence that Russia would not remain in debt and could similarly freeze the financial assets of Western companies located on its territory as a retaliatory measure.

The other day Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov stated on the preparation of a project determining the procedure for the exchange of assets of Russian citizens frozen abroad.

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the name The West must be bolder about seizing Russian assets

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Source: Gazeta


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