The Central Bank will allow banks to withdraw money from deposits ahead of schedule 23:19

Starting from March 4, credit institutions will have the opportunity to early return funds deposited on deposits with the Central Bank of Russia based on the results of auctions lasting more than one day. This has been reported Web site regulator

According to the Central Bank, interest will be charged on the prematurely returned deposit amount at the rate applied to overnight deposit transactions on the day the interest is accrued.

Currently, credit institutions must enter into an additional agreement with the regulator.

Before that, BitRiver financial analyst Vladislav Antonov guessIt is stated that Russians’ demand for long-term deposits will increase by an average of 2-3% annually if the tax on them is removed.

13 February Kommersant newspaper WroteThat new individual investment accounts (IIA) have become significantly less open in Russia since the beginning of 2024. It was noted that the decrease in interest in individual investment accounts may be associated with both the general cooling of investors towards the stock market, which occurred against the backdrop of high deposit rates, and the emergence of a new form to replace IIS. Two pre-existing account options.

Formerly Central Bank was recorded key rate 16%.

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Source: Gazeta


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