Get to know some platforms to invest in the real estate market in 2022

Investing in real estate is putting capital into the real estate market with the aim of making a profit in the future. The two main incomes that exist in this industry are capital gains and cash flows. Therefore, the first thing that the person interested in this sector should do is to determine what kind of income he wants to earn, whether he will invest to get current, that is, the income; or if you want to do capitalization work.

On the Habi platform, people can buy another house by selling their house, getting the liquidity they need and opportunities to earn money. Real Estate Investment.

Another alternative to consider is real estate crowdfunding, where a few people invest through a digital platform and earn periodic profits without owning the project. Likewise, planned housing acquisition or buying a house for rental purposes is also prominent.

Crowdfunding allows you to invest in real estate from as low as $200,000 in an easy, fast and secure manner through a collaborative economy model.

Just waiting for an operating license from the Colombian Financial Inspectorate (SFC), fintech Inverti will enable real estate projects to be financed with this method.

According to CEO Germán Jaramillo turn it over, the initiative stems from two specific needs that he managed to identify during his more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. After registering with just ten clicks, users will be able to benefit from the platform by providing their identity documents and passing the biometric identification process. According to Jaramillo, Inverti can generate annual returns of up to 15%.

Internationally, there’s also Bricksave, a real estate crowdfunding platform designed to invest in corporate-grade real estate around the world, simple, accessible and instant starting at $1,000.

Another mobile application in this industry is Lamudi, where users can freely perform personalized filter searches based on area, property type, price, word and number of rooms on mobile devices.

“Investing in real estate is a safe investment and has always yielded an interesting return in Colombia due to its valuation over time. In this sense, you need to search for such real estate on safe pages and know the value of the areas studied. Paola Suárez, Vice President of Business and Trade Line of, said. “If you are considering buying, check what the current value of the property is to check the price to be quoted and have the necessary resources to book and buy,” he said.

Some experts recommend investing in real estate trusts because by not being a direct owner you forget about legal duties and administrative costs because they are owned by the trust company.

Source: Lare Publica


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