Estonia discussed the transfer of frozen Russian assets to Ukraine 03:23

Estonian experts in the field of foreign policy and security evaluated the possibility of transferring assets frozen in the country to Russia in favor of Ukraine and noted that this could set an example for other countries in this regard. This was reported by the Estonian television and radio broadcasting portal. MISTAKE.

Before this, the bill on the transfer of frozen Russian assets to Ukraine was read in parliament for the first time. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, approximately 38 million euros of Russian assets have been frozen in Estonia.

According to Aivo Orava, Estonia’s permanent representative to the European Union, common decisions of the European Union do not arise spontaneously, but someone has to lead them. He said that if Estonia demonstrates the possibility of creating a legally foolproof mechanism for the transfer of assets seized from Russia, other countries will follow this example with greater confidence, because they can always point to Estonia and say that this mechanism will happen like this He explained: if it works in one country, then it should work in others.

On February 13, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the situation with Russian assets frozen by the European Union, said: statedThat Russia will protect its property and legally prosecute those who try to encroach on it.

Previously in Estonia detained ten alleged Russian intelligence agents.

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Source: Gazeta


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