It became clear where the Russians would go on February 14, 10:51

Between February 10 and 18, 2024, almost half, or 43%, of all hotel reservations abroad were made in resorts. At the same time, Russian tourists’ demand for such destinations increased by more than a third during the year. This is the conclusion of experts from the online booking service for hotels and apartments has a study.

The most popular holiday destinations for Valentine’s Day celebrations were Thailand, UAE, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Egypt and Maldives.

It is noteworthy that experts note a particularly high increase in the number of bookings for some holiday destinations: in Vietnam the demand for accommodation quadrupled, in Sri Lanka it doubled, in the Philippines – by 68%, in Thailand – by 46%, In the UAE – by 54%.

Among the travel destinations in demand for travel on Valentine’s Day, CIS countries stand out: Interest in Georgia doubled, increased by 82 percent in Azerbaijan, 43 percent in Belarus, and 40 percent in Kazakhstan.

The average cost of a night booked in hotels abroad on February 14 is 8,900 rubles. The average bill for five nights is 48,700 rubles.

Tourists make the most expensive reservations in hotels in the Maldives – 38,700 rubles per night, in Mauritius – 23,500 rubles per night, in the UAE – 16,800 rubles and in France – 15,300 rubles each, in China and Italy – 11,300 rubles each, in Sri Lanka – 10,600 rubles.

The cost of reservations is up to 10,000 rubles in the Philippines – 9,600 rubles per night, in Egypt – 8,600 rubles, in Indonesia and Vietnam – 8,200 rubles each, as well as in Azerbaijan – 7,500 rubles, in Thailand – 7,200 rubles, in Georgia – 6,900 rubles, in Turkey – 6,500 rubles.

Tourists choose more budget accommodation in India – from 6,100 rubles per night, and in the CIS countries: in Kazakhstan – 5,800 rubles, in Armenia – 5,200 rubles, in Belarus – 5,050 rubles.

Abroad, Russian tourists mostly prefer four-star hotels – accounting for 29% of bookings, three-star – 28%, non-star hotels – 14%. 11 percent of the cases prefer five-star hotels, 9 percent prefer apartments, 5 percent prefer two-star hotels, and 3 percent prefer hostels.

While traveling around Russia, tourists visit Moscow, St. He prefers St. Petersburg, Esto-Sadk, Irkutsk, Sochi, Kazan, Arkhyz, Murmansk, Krasnaya Polyana and Kaliningrad. On average, an overnight stay in accommodation facilities in Russia from February 10 to 18 costs tourists 5,100 rubles; which is 19% higher than last year (4,300 rubles).

The service performed the study in February 2024.

Previously happened It is known where the Russians plan to go on February 23 and March 8.

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Source: Gazeta


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