They said that having “flexible skills” in Moscow is a significant demand for employers.

One of the top demands for employers in all sectors in Moscow is flexible skills. About author Referring to the message of the head of the department of TASS, economic policy and development of the city Kirill Purtov.

“One of the most important demands from employers in almost all Moscow sectors is soft skills demand,” said Purtov.

He noted that the share of soft skills demand in the list of requirements for applicants is about 37%. The highest percentage of such requests – 42% – falls on the political and public domains. In management and marketing, about 40% of requests include such a requirement – about 36% in economics and finance. 34% of employers in the math and IT sector would like to see soft skills in a potential employee.

According to Purtov, skills such as the ability to find a comprehensive solution to problems, the ability to learn actively, and psychological stability are important.

At the end of May, SuperJob President Alexei Zakharov saidHow to remain a sought after expert in five, ten or even 50 years. According to him, for this you need to learn and relearn quickly.

Source: Gazeta


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