“Planned maintenance”. Gazprom will stop natural gas flow through Turkish Stream

Gazprom press service announced that gas supply via Turkish Stream is suspended during the planned annual maintenance of the gas pipeline. The works will continue between 21-28 June.

“Gas transport along both strings of the TurkStream gas pipeline will be temporarily suspended from June 21 to June 28, 2022 due to planned preventive maintenance,” the Russian company said in a statement. Said. Telegram.

Gazprom stressed that the suspension of gas transportation was “pre-decided by all interested parties.”

Turkish Stream consists of two lines: one delivers natural gas to Turkish consumers, and the other goes to Southern and Southeastern European countries. The pipeline was commissioned in January 2020.

The total capacity of Turkish Stream is 31.5 billion cubic meters. m gas per year. Last year, deliveries to Turkey increased by 63 percent.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in May declarationHe said Ankara cannot refuse Russian gas supplies (about 50% of all imported fuel). “These are strategic moments. We can’t break everything all at once,” he said.

He reminded that Turkey and Russia are carrying out a joint project for the construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant, which will be completed and put into operation next year.

Nord Stream

Earlier this week, Gazprom also announced a 40% reduction in gas output via Nord Stream. The company explained the reduction in deliveries due to problems at the Portovaya compressor station: the German company Siemens did not return the repaired gas compressor units on time, and malfunctions were detected in the engine. A day later, Gazprom stopped the operation of another Siemens gas turbine engine due to the expiration of the overhaul period.

Siemens Energy said that one of Nord Stream’s gas turbines could not yet be returned to Germany due to Canada’s sanctions against Russia.

German Federal Network Agency notesHe cannot confirm a causal relationship between the absence of a gas compressor on the Russian side and such a significant reduction in supply.

Major EU companies such as Austria’s OMV, Italy’s Eni and Germany’s Uniper said they were informed of the supply cuts by Gazprom. Italian authorities have said they intend to raise an “alarm” due to the drop in gas supplies.

Stocks for the winter

According to Bloomberg, in Europe started to use Gas reserves for the winter due to reduced supply from the Russian Federation. Gas storage facilities in Europe were 52% full on Tuesday, according to the latest data from Gas Infrastructure Europe. Reserves are reduced by 1%, but as a rule, gas is injected only during the summer period, and the volumes received are stored until the peak of the winter season.

Gas prices in Europe are increasing rapidly: On June 16, foreign exchange prices exceeded 1.5 thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters for the first time since the beginning of April, the price did not exceed a thousand dollars at the beginning of the month.

Against this background, Alexei Miller, head of Gazprom, speaking at SPIEF-2022, declarationThat both lines of Nord Stream 2 are under pressure and gas can be supplied to Germany “even now”. “We were asked to build, huge sums were invested and when everything was built, you know, Nord Stream 2, two lines are under pressure and gas can now be sent to Germany via Nord Stream 2. It was not released to the market because it was not certified. Only then the question arises, how can one be trusted to invest in large investment projects, ”says the senior manager.

Gazprom suddenly announced the planned annual maintenance of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline. Deliveries will be suspended for one week from June 21-28. Earlier this week, the Russian company significantly reduced exports via Nord Stream, which forced EU countries to use fuel from its storage facilities. Read more in the article “socialbites.ca”.

Source: Gazeta


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