FAS head called the cost of jet fuel in Russia paradoxical

The price of jet fuel in Russia is rising despite the paradoxical drop in demand. About author Referring to the message of Maxim Shaskolsky, head of the RBC, FAS.

“There is a paradoxical situation with aviation kerosene. There is liquefied petroleum gas, the price of which has fallen three times since the beginning of the year and is now the lowest in history. Gasoline is falling in the wholesale market. Despite the decrease in demand, the price of jet fuel is increasing,” he said.

The head of the FAS assured him that the high price of jet fuel would not affect the cost of airline tickets. According to him, this is facilitated by the existing damper mechanism, in which part of the money is returned to the airlines.

Passenger traffic of Russian airlines decreased due to the ban on flights to Europe by Russian airlines in 2022. In case of flights to Western countries, Russian airlines are threatened with the arrest of aircraft leased by foreign companies.

According to data from the St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange (SPIMEX), jet fuel prices have been rising since April 2020. In April 2020, a ton of jet fuel cost about 24 thousand rubles. In September 2021, a ton of aviation fuel cost 50,000 rubles. As of June 17, the price of kerosene (European part of Russia) is 65,129 rubles. per ton.

at the end of April reportedHe said the UK could become the world’s leading supplier of sustainable jet fuel made from vegetable oil.

Source: Gazeta


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