Rutube has made over 80 online streams with SPIEF

Rutube platform, St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, hosted more than 80 online publications, organized 15 events of its own with the participation of over 30 speakers, and also launched an interactive installation on Palace Bridge, Russia’s press service. video hosting reports.

So, during Rutube’s “Information Challenge: Protecting National Media Sovereignty” business session, Alexander Moiseev, CEO of the platform, talked about the challenges faced by video hosting after the May cyberattack.

“Rutube is a complex hyperconverged network. It is difficult to cut it, it is impossible to erase everything at once. On May 9, the entire “cyber group” gathered in the Rutube office, the best IT specialists in the country. We increased the service by 99% in 50 hours. It is important to understand that the number of bookmarks that can lead to irreversible consequences in the future is huge. We removed them,” he said.

In addition, exclusive interviews were given for Rutube by Alexei Komissarov, General Manager of ANO Russia – Land of Opportunities, Maxim Dreval, General Manager of the Russian Information Society, Alexander Stuglev, Director of the Roscongress Foundation, and Mikhail Piotrovsky, General Manager of the Russian Federation. Shelter.

An important cultural and historical event of this year was the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter I. Rutube celebrated the anniversary of the emperor with the presentation of the animation project “Ladder of Knowledge: Mastery” in partnership with the company “Yarko”.

In addition, thanks to video hosting, all days of the forum, passers-by can watch a musical and interactive installation on the Palace Bridge – a projection in the form of a rocket, the symbol of the “Ball” button . At the end of the video, the audience Petersburg was waiting for a declaration of love.

Source: Gazeta


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