Wildberries warehouse burned in Shushari was not insured 01:06

Wildberries warehouse burned in Shushari was not insured 01:06

According to information RBCSt. Petersburg in Shushari, which was destroyed by fire on January 13. The building of the St. Petersburg warehouse Wildberries was not insured. Sources in the insurance market said that the company was considering the possibility of signing an insurance contract, but they did not have time to sign it.

One of the agency’s interlocutors noted that only the goods were insured, but the building itself was not. Representative

Wildberries declined to comment to RBC about property insurance but emphasized that the burned property was insured.

At Wildberries’ office in Moscow on January 18 work law enforcement officers. The reason for the inspection was a fire that broke out in a marketplace warehouse in Shushari on January 13. There were employees in the warehouse at the time of the fire and 1,617 people had to be evacuated.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the fire area reached 70 thousand square meters. When the fire is under control m. The fire was extinguished only the next day, after prolonged watering of the burned structures of the building.

Before this, it was revealed that one of the warehouse employees had threatened to set fire to the building in a business conversation.

After the incident, the employee claimed that he had achieved this. Later, the man wrote that they came to check on him and deleted the account after stating that he had an excuse.

Previous scientists I learnedFires around the world burn an area larger than the size of India every year.

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Source: Gazeta


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