PCT calls for legislation on overbooking 17:56

According to the Russian Travel Industry Association (RST), compensation to passengers in case of overbooking (selling more tickets than the number of seats on the plane) should be regulated by law. This was reported by RIA News.

“We are in favor of creating a compensation mechanism that will protect the interests of air passengers in case of overbooking,” said RST Deputy Chairman Dmitry Gorin.

He explained that currently overbooking is not prohibited and is not regulated by law. As a result, passengers get nothing from the airlines. According to him, there should be clear and understandable rules for everyone on this issue.

According to Ilya Zotov, chairman of the All-Russian Passenger Association, currently passengers do not receive flights and reasonable compensation in case of resale of tickets.

Before this, independent aviation expert Oleg Panteleev said that the law on overbooking will protect passenger rights and will allow carriers to keep ticket prices low.

Russians before listed Reasons why check-in may be denied when booking accommodation online.

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Source: Gazeta


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