Taxes on egg imports have been canceled for six months in Russia 21:13

The Council of Ministers of the Russian Federation adopted a decision on the abolition of taxes on egg imports for six months. This has been reported telegram channel state.

“Customs duties on imports of chicken eggs have been abolished in Russia for a supply volume of up to 1.2 billion pieces from January 1 to June 30, 2024,” the publication states.

The purpose of the decision is to stabilize product prices by increasing supply.

During this period, the Ministry of Agriculture will issue special documents to egg suppliers, the provisions of which are approved by the government.

This is before FAS Recommended regional authorities will negotiate with business on egg prices.

Agreements on price stability were signed in ten regions of Russia. FAS monitors that signed agreements do not violate anti-monopoly legislation norms and regulations of the federal government. The Ministry noted that egg prices have already started to decrease in these regions as a result of the measures taken.

Previously Rosselhoznadzor opened Supply of hatching eggs from Turkish enterprises.

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Source: Gazeta


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