Ukrainian Prime Minister requested an extraordinary meeting from donor countries 28.12.2023, 21:01

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal called for an extraordinary meeting of Ukrainian donors in January. This was reported by Bloomberg.

“To maintain macroeconomic stability, we need to receive external financing quickly, in sufficient and predictable amounts, starting in January 2024,” Shmygal’s letter says.

It was noted that Shmygal proposed to meet in January, without waiting for the meeting that was supposed to be held in February next year, according to the plan.

He stated that Ukraine cannot wait until March to finance social needs.

In his opinion, donors should begin to coordinate their actions to direct frozen Russian assets towards the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Before recognizedHe said the United States wants to develop a mechanism to seize frozen Russian assets by February 24. According to the Financial Times, negotiations on this issue took place at the level of finance ministers of the G7 countries.

Previously in Europe I suspected The idea of ​​the United States seizing $300 billion worth of Russian assets.

What are you thinking?

Source: Gazeta


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