Mobile services that silently write money are recognized 02:42

Applications that offer functionality for an additional fee are classified as a separate threat class. About this agency »hit liner“said Viktor Gulevich, manager of the information security competence center T1 Integration.

According to the expert, paid subscriptions cannot be considered “malware” because they do not steal subscriber data and do not listen to conversations.

“They promise unique opportunities, in fact they only bring additional and not always justified expenses,” Gulevich explained.

He noted that the apps charge too much for full functionality because they offer “simple actions”. Users are lured by a few “free days”, after which money begins to be regularly withdrawn from the card, and this does not even help to stop deleting the program.

Russians in early December warned about the most popular deception schemes in online stores. This is forgery of delivery forms, the links of which are sent by scammers pretending to be sellers.

Previously in Russia prohibited Business correspondence via Gmail.

Source: Gazeta


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