It was learned how much the demand for freelancers has increased in Russia 16:47

In 2023, the demand for freelancers throughout Russia has almost doubled. In this respect reports “Reedus”, citing the results of a study conducted by analysts of the Avito Services service.

“Small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly turning to the services of creative freelancers. For many entrepreneurs, if the services of such specialists are needed on a project basis, for individual tasks, it may be more profitable to outsource rather than hire a specialist on a permanent basis,” noted Alexander Semochkin, head of “Business and Economic Services” category in Avito Services.

It turns out that the services of SMM specialists are in particular demand: from May to October this year, the demand for them increased by 399% compared to the same period last year. In second place in popularity are marketers. Demand for the services of such professionals has increased by 273%.

Designers are in the top three. Interest in its services increased by 181%.

Russian freelancers in the first half of 2023, according to the Solar Staff service acquired 5.3 billion rubles. This is 53% more than the same period last year. The average monthly income of freelancers working for Russian clients is about 100 thousand rubles. For those who fulfill orders of foreign companies, this figure is much higher – 319 thousand rubles.

Number of self-employed people in Russia according to the Federal Tax Service reached 9 million people.

existed before named The most attractive Russian cities for freelancers.

Source: Gazeta


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