It has been announced how the income of retirees will be counted 06:05

The methodology for statistical accounting of pensioners and their income will be improved by Rosstat from December 1. This was reported by Andrey Girinsky, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Economics of RUDN University, in an interview with the agency. “Hit the primer”.

The expert noted that the recently signed order of Rosstat defines various forms of data registration, including a short form “N94 Pensions”, “Pension-N” containing information about non-working pensioners, and “94 Pension-R”. Information about working retirees.

Girinsky explained that these updates will make it possible to more accurately assess the burden of pension payments both in the macroeconomic model and at the regional level. For example, based on these data, it is possible to better calculate the indexation of pension payments in one or more regions.

The expert reminded that all data must be submitted in completed and documented form to the regional bodies of the Social Fund no later than the first day of the next month following the reporting month. The information is processed based on information in the personal accounts of retirees registered in the territorial bodies of the SFR.

Pension increased in December receivable Pensioners over the age of 80, as well as the disabled and those on holiday. For those celebrating the anniversary, the fixed payment to the insurance pension will double, which will lead to its size increasing to 15,134.66 rubles

Previously retired from Kazan set on fire He applied to the military service and registry office due to threats against his daughter.

Source: Gazeta


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