Siluanov: Russia’s GDP growth in 2023 may exceed 3% 12:51

Russia’s GDP growth this year could exceed 3%. This was announced by Russian Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov at the Financial University VIII International Forum “Russia and the World: New Walls or New Rules?” It was stated at the general assembly session. TASS.

Siluanov noted that Russia follows a responsible economic policy.

“Our economic growth rate this year will be 3 percent, maybe even plus. We see that the sanctions that began to be implemented in 2014 led us to have our own food security. “Our economic independence is a condition, we will invest in it,” he said.

Previously, the Minister of Finance said that there would be a budget deficit in 2024-2026. will not exceed 1% of GDP while maintaining the current price situation.

Read more about the Russian budget for the next three years Material from

Formerly Central Bank of the Russian Federation raised key rate up to 15%.

Source: Gazeta


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