They tried to take away the lottery winner’s $2 billion winnings 06:51

In the fall of 2022, 31-year-old Edwin Castro won more than two billion dollars in the Powerball lottery, but a man named Jose Rivera claimed that he actually bought the winning ticket and sued the winner. writes about this USA Sun.

Rivera said the ticket he purchased was on the table in his room and was stolen by the host, Urachi Romero. After that he somehow met up with Castro. At the same time, Romero said the tenant allegedly showed him the winning Powerball ticket.

On November 13, the California Lottery Commission allowed attorney David DePaoli to view security camera footage from the Joe Service Center in Altadina, California, where the ticket was purchased. According to the lawyer, he was personally convinced that Castro was the person who bought the Powerball ticket that won the largest lottery jackpot in history.

Rivera was later charged with filing a false report. The hearing of his case will be held on December 1.

Previously The New York Times WroteHe said an American won $1.76 billion (169 billion rubles) in the lottery, the second largest winnings in US history and one of the largest Powerball jackpots in history. The winner of the award is offered two options: He will either receive the entire amount in installments over 29 years, or he will receive $774 million in one lump sum and will have to pay taxes at the rate of 24-37 percent of this amount for his earnings.

In October reportedThat an unknown person in the Sverdlovsk region won five million rubles and did not come to collect the prize.

Previously a Russian in the Moscow region to win 500 million rubles.

Source: Gazeta


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