The Federation Council spoke about the consequences of the EU embargo on oil imports from Russia

Federation Council Member Alexei Pushkov, TelegramThe channel reacted to the approval of the leaders of the EU countries to the approval of the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, which included, among other things, the imposition of a gradual embargo on the import of Russian oil.

According to the senator, the EU will move away from oil supplies from the Russian Federation, “even if it causes high costs and creates great difficulties”. According to him, the decision of the community does not take into account the interests of the European economy, these interests have become “victims of a difficult political environment”.

“With gas, everything is much more complicated, because there is nothing to change the current volume of supply from Russia, even for very large bucks,” the politician said.

31 May President of the European Council Charles Michel declarationHe said the sixth package of EU sanctions against the Russian Federation, including an embargo on tanker supplies of Russian oil, could finally be approved on 1-2 June.

Former leaders of EU member states accept The sixth package of sanctions against Russia The new restrictions will affect oil imports from the Russian Federation, the country’s largest bank, state media and citizens.

At the same time, the EU embargo on the import of Russian fuel will not apply to Hungary.

Source: Gazeta


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