The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation will impose sanctions on energy companies that fail to meet modernization deadlines 09:56

The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation will demand partial compensation for loss of revenue from energy companies that are late in modernizing their energy equipment. This was reported by Interfax referring to department deputy head Pavel Snikkars.

The Ministry of Energy agreed with the production companies that they would pay 35-45 percent of the estimated amount of damage suffered by the state due to delays in modernization. According to the official, we are not talking about a fine under the contract, but compensation for loss of income from the sale of capacity at competitions. According to Snikkars, the total amount of delays reached 1.5 GW.

Delays affected six major projects with a total capacity of almost 2 GW. Transfers are associated with problems in equipment supply. Previously, the System Operator had warned about the danger of missing deadlines due to component shortages.

In 2022, the Market Council approved a one-year postponement of commissioning without penalty, but the ministry insists on compensation. Companies will have to pay to participate in future tenders for capacity development. The modernization program is designed for 2031 and will allow 40 GW to be upgraded through consumer payments.

It became known at the end of September preparation The Council of Ministers will announce new systemic measures regarding the fuel market.

Previously at the Ministry of Energy said About the timing of the introduction of a ban on fuel exports from Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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