Former Deputy Prime Minister criticizes Moldova for refusing to recognize debt to Gazprom 15:14

The current attitude of Moldovan authorities resembles the behavior of fraudsters rather than politicians. This was reported by TASS Referring to the words of former Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Alexander Muravsky.

“They may or may not be offended by me, but this is my opinion. Now in a serious business society, we are like fraudsters who have borrowed money to some extent, then come up with something and declare that we will not pay,” Muravsky said.

Moldovan authorities refuse to recognize a significant part of the debt to Gazprom for previously supplied gas, citing the recently submitted historical debt audit.

One of the main conditions under which Gazprom management agreed in October 2021 to extend the gas supply contract to Moldova for the next five years was the repayment of previous fuel debts. At that time, Moldovagaz’s debt was estimated to be 709 million dollars, while the debt of the Moldovan Court of Accounts was 590.8 million dollars.

However, during the negotiations, Chisinau insisted on international control of the debt. Moldovan Energy Minister Viktor Parlikov at the beginning of September 2023 introduced results: auditors found that $ 276 million did not have documentary evidence and $ 400 million was expired.

Previously at Moldovagaz To be shocked The results of the audit of debt to Gazprom.

Source: Gazeta


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