Izvestia reported that the prices of apartments in new buildings in Russia have stopped

Experts learned that in April this year, the demand for housing in Russia fell by an average of 65% throughout the country, now there are a lot of unclaimed properties on the real estate market, including in Moscow. reported “News”.

According to experts, preferential mortgage did not affect the demand for housing in new buildings.

As noted in the publication, during the year the average prices of apartments in new buildings in the Russian Federation increased by 30-37% from the beginning of 2022 – by about 12%, and by the end of 2021 – remained the same .

It is stated that developers are now forced to give discounts and hold promotions on illiquid residences.

“Despite interest rates falling and demand slowly starting to recover, prices continue to stagnate in the market,” said Sergei Zaitsev, head of the center for new buildings at federal company Etazhi.

The head of Cyan said that in May, compared to the same period last year, primary housing prices in the country increased by an average of 30%. Analyticsā€¯ by Alexey Popov.

happened before knownPodolsk, Balashikha and Domodedovo became cities with cheaper new buildings.

Source: Gazeta


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