They explained how negotiations with Kiev regarding the WTO claim in Hungary would take place 21:33

The Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture reported RIA NewsHe said the country would not negotiate with Ukraine, which has filed a lawsuit with the WTO, because the interests of member states in the organization are represented by the European Commission.

“On the one hand, Ukraine may try to initiate such a process for resolving a possible dispute, but Hungary will not be its negotiating partner; within the WTO, EU member states are represented by the European Commission. Whatever Ukraine does in response to the existing measures of member countries on the import of agricultural products,” the ministry said. .

The Ministry of Agriculture stated that in such cases the European Commission regularly consults with the Council and the Parliament and will consistently represent Hungary’s business interests in all forums.

Before that Kyiv sent The World Trade Organization (WTO) has filed a lawsuit against three European countries that refused to lift the ban on grain imports from Ukraine.

18 September Poland, Hungary and Slovakia denied From participation in the work of the coordination platform of the European Commission (EC) on grain supply issues. According to the news of the Polish agency PAP, citing sources, the states decided to take this step due to the fear that Kiev could use the information obtained during the interaction against them.

Previously in Poland in the name The main reason for the allegations against Ukraine.

Source: Gazeta


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