The share of Russians who do not believe in the country’s default has exceeded 80 percent.

The majority of Russians (82%) stated that they do not expect a default in the country. About informs RIA Novosti cites the results of a study conducted by the Analytical Center of the University “Synergy”.

However, in the event of a possible default, 84% of respondents said that a new crisis would not lead to a situation similar to the one in 1998. 9% of respondents reported results even worse than the 1998 crisis. The rest refused to answer.

Additionally, just over a quarter (26%) of Russians fear a collapse of the ruble if a default occurs. 23% said they feared even higher inflation and 17% feared rising unemployment.

Analysts added that 93% of Russians do not know what to do in case of default. 7% stated that they have a plan. In particular, 46% of those who were ready declared that they were ready to cut their spending. 18% decided to create an airbag, 15% – to buy foreign currency, 8% to withdraw money from deposits.

May 27 Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov knowledgeableThat the statement about the default in Russia has nothing to do with reality. The head of the division added that Russia will continue to affirm its role as a reliable debtor.

Source: Gazeta


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