China to help transform urban environment in Russian Far East 16:50

The company DOM.RF plans to attract foreign investment, including from China, in projects to transform the urban environment in the Russian Far East. He talked about this at the Eastern Economic Forum TASS Anton Finogenov, DOM.RF Director responsible for the development of the urban environment.

According to him, significant investments are required to implement large-scale tasks for the transformation of 25 cities in the Far East.

“Attracting international investment is a new challenge that will need to be solved in the next year and a half. “Investments are critical, at least in Southeast Asia. We will not solve such big problems with domestic investments alone,” he said.

Finogenov noted that in the near future, DOM.RF plans to actively cooperate with China to attract foreign capital in projects for the development of the urban environment in the Far East.

According to him, urban development concepts are still a complex tool for foreign investors, so closer cooperation with them is necessary.

“DOM.RF” in early August reportedA historical record for the issuance of privileged mortgages was recorded in Russia.

Putin before in the name Pay attention to the transport infrastructure in Far Eastern cities.

Source: Gazeta


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