Moldova spoke about its debts to Gazprom 19:10

Moldovan authorities consider gas debts to Gazprom unfounded and will not pay them. This was stated by Prime Minister Dorin Recan on the social network TikTok. TASS.

“The audit of Moldovagaz’s debts to Gazprom has been completed. We have come to the conclusion that these debts are unfair and we do not intend to pay them. “The government of the Republic of Moldova is strengthening the country’s energy independence,” he said.

Rechan noted that the state company Energocom continues to buy natural gas at lower prices so that the reserves can be sufficient throughout the winter. At the same time, as he emphasized, this has not happened in the last 30 years.

The other day, political commentator Andrei Perla appeared on commented Moldovan officials’ statement that they do not recognize gas debts to Russia and do not intend to pay Gazprom. According to the expert, Chisinau is acting this way because it understands that there will be no revenge at the moment.

Before this, Moldovan Energy Minister Viktor Parlikov said that Gazprom will lose Considering the case in court for the collection of the country’s historical debts.

Formerly former President of Moldova Igor Dodon accused Chisinau is selling the country to the West.

Source: Gazeta


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