Putin approved a temporary procedure for the fulfillment of debt obligations of the Russian Federation 16:48

Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved an interim procedure for the settlement of the Russian Federation’s debt obligations under Eurobond. The relevant decree was published on the following date: portal legal process.

The document addresses obligations to both residents and foreign creditors. This refers to securities accounted for by foreign depositories – organizations that deal with the storage of securities and the registration of rights to them.

According to the decree, the Russian Federation has the right to send an application to the Russian central depository institution for the opening of an “I” type ruble account in the name of a foreign depository institution. The beneficiaries of the account will be eurobond holders as well as some individuals. In addition, the document specifies the mechanism for indexing funds in accounts “I” and the procedure for their transfer to their owners.

In June, the Russian Ministry of Finance mercenary 13.4 billion rubles for Eurobond issues maturing in 2028.

Before that, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation was entirely carried out Obligation to pay coupon income from Eurobonds maturing in 2027 and 2047 in the amount of 19.6 billion rubles.

Putin also signed a decree requiring Russian legal entities with Eurobond obligations to issue replacement bonds by the end of this year.

Previously the Central Bank will increase almost 10 times foreign exchange sales.

Source: Gazeta


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