Considering the dollar forecast for next week 07:28

The dollar exchange rate will be 97-99 rubles next week. Such a forecast was given to by BCS Forex analyst Anatoly Trifonov.

According to him, the ruble may strengthen in the event of a sharp increase in the key rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on September 15 and an increase in the volume of sales of the foreign exchange regulator. However, the analyst does not expect the Bank of Russia to increase the rate significantly.

“The Central Bank decided to increase the volume of intervention due to fear of a sharp increase in foreign exchange demand. Therefore, its potential impact on the ruble exchange rate could be negative. This will happen if demand for the currency still exceeds the regulator’s expectations. In general, the factors supporting the ruble appear balanced. “Accordingly, we expect the dollar exchange rate to remain in the range of 97-99 rubles per American currency next week,” he said.

Trifonov added that the ruble may strengthen against the euro due to the weakening of the exchange rate between “European” and “American”. At the same time, due to the shortage of foreign currency on the market, the prerequisites for increasing the short-term volatility of the ruble, that is, going beyond the established corridor, remain.

According to expert forecasts, the Russian currency may strengthen in the face of the Central Bank’s tight monetary policy and rising oil prices by the end of the year.

At the close of the Moscow Stock Exchange on Friday, the dollar stood at 97.78 rubles, losing 47 kopecks during the day. On September 6, the Central Bank announced that it would increase foreign exchange sales almost 10-fold in the period between September 14-22. The regulator will sell 21.4 billion rubles instead of 2.3 billion rubles every day.

Formerly Trifonov guess stability of the ruble exchange rate.

Source: Gazeta


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